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After 7 Years, Softnyx Finally Will Release New Sequel of Gunbound !

After 7 Years, Softnyx Finally Will Release New Sequel of Gunbound !

After a few months ago Korean developer Softnyx as the developer of the Gunbound Online Game joined a developer named Picneko Creative. Now finally Softnyx plans to release an advanced sequel from Gunbound named New Gunbound. Yup, the internet cafe game in the 2000s will be made the newest series after all this time. At a game exhibition at South Korea called G-Star, Softnyx along with Thai publishers Electronics Extreme signed an agreement for their latest online game.

This game itself will be present in 10 countries in South East Asia, especially in Indonesia through the SEA publisher called Electronic Extreme. In addition to announcing the country they will spread, Softnyx also plans to support Cross Platform in this game on PC as well as Mobile.

The plan is that there will be several game modes on New Gunbound, the usual classic Turn-based mode will still be present in this game on all platforms. But there is the arrival of a new mode in the form of Real Time, which is only present in later mobile users, later this mode will focus on the Real Time-Strategy element, better known as RTS.

There is also a PVE mode where players can together fight bosses and enemies inside. This mode will also provide certain rewards and Experience from the Quest they have completed. The existence of Guild and Marriage features will also make the interaction in this game more lively. This game is also certain to bring Cosmetics to the game, which is likely to become a monetization of New Gunbound.