The Easter Egg about the Game "Portal" Appears in Battle Royale CS: GO Mode?

The Easter Egg about the Game “Portal” Appears in Battle Royale CS: GO Mode?

Amid the threat of Epic Games which successfully established their own digital game store which reportedly will be far more populist than Steam, Valve actually responded to the action of the “epic” by inserting a new content in one of his favorite games while announcing that the game can now be played Free to Play. Yes, of course you all already know and feel how Valve would like to invite you all to launch a royale together in Danger Zone mode in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

With a map layout that is classified as very fresh for you to enjoy, apparently there are secrets that Valve wants to communicate to us all through his easter egg which is quite interesting. In one motel area with 4 rooms lined up, you will see each room actually has a numbering format as rooms 1, 2, and so on. As usual, Valve seems to be very conscious of the “number three” joke that the fans are accustomed to because of Valve’s absence in continuing the third series of their games.

You can see the number 3 board accidentally dropped on the floor, and the room is made as if it can’t be accessed because it has been blocked by wood. But this is not actually the message Valve wants to convey to us. Because that room number 3’s door can actually be accessed and entered.

By entering a door in room 3 which is in the room of the second room, you will find a table containing several computer monitors in it. Interestingly, if you are patient to wait for about 1 or 2 minutes, a female voice will appear which gives a kind of confusing alphabet and number code.

The voice of the woman who delivered the secret code was also accompanied by a musical tone that really made you wonder. Fortunately, gamers on Reddit have immediately succeeded in solving the intent of the mysterious code.

Through a fairly complex encryption process, the following codes apparently read “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS “. For those of you who really know about Valve’s actions in releasing their old games, you are certainly quite familiar with the meaning of the sentence fragments. As for those of you who don’t know, this sentence is a fragment of the song lyrics from the ending of the first portal game titled “Still Alive”.

Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Valve’s decision made Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) free-to-play games welcomed by some people as something positive, because those who have never had the game can play it at all. Unfortunately, it looks like the game’s veteran player doesn’t agree with that.

Until this article was written, CSGO had received more than 13,000 negative reviews after the Danger Zone update and the game payment changes from paid to free.

The main problem that made them do a negative review is the Prime status, which forced them to enter their phone number to do matchmaking with the player with the same status. They are also worried about the presence of new cheaters who are increasingly flooding the game.

Not only that, some reported that the game was damaged after the update at Intel Graphics. Not a few also consider that the loyalty rewards provided by Valve are lacking, and there are still many who want to do the game refund. Meanwhile, some people do not like the Danger Zone and are disappointed Valve is following the trend of battle royals just like other developers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive can now be played on a PC for free without a penny. But keep in mind, you will only meet players free than paid

Denuvo Protection Just Cause 4 Breaked After Release

Denuvo Protection Just Cause 4 Breaked After Release

Denuvo has acted as an anti-pirate solution for 3 years and its ability to protect games is undoubted. But there are always times when the effectiveness of this anti-pirate program is a laughing stock for pirates. Games such as Total War: Warhammer 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War broke in 24 hours after its release, and now the new open-world game Avalanche Studios is part of the “instant break denuvo game” category.

Just Cause 4 was just released on December 5 and is protected with the latest version of Denuvo. But this does not prevent the Italian CPY cracker team from doing magic. The next day, Denuvo’s protection from the game collapsed in the hands of the team which had disappeared in recent months.

Denuvo will usually update their protection soon if the current version of the protection has been bombarded by a cracker team. Will the next version be more effective or even easier to break into what happened to Total War: Warhammer 2 yesterday? We will see later.

We don’t know, why in the last 2 years, there is so many cheater or game which been hacked like this. For your information, CSGO finally became Free To Play game and there will be many cheaters who playing CSGO.

Lineage II Revolution Colaborating With DC Comic

Lineage II Revolution Colaborating With DC Comic

Comes with captivating visual quality and addictive gameplay, Linage 2 Revolution is able to grasp many mobile gamers. As of the writing of this article, Lineage 2 Revolution has received more than 5 million downloads on the Android platform on PlayStore. To keep the concoction game shining, Netmarble finally announced the latest update for Lineage 2 Revolution.

Officially cooperating with DC, finally Lineage 2 Revolution presents a new World and Field Boss themed Batman part 2 saga. From the new World Boss “Scarecrow”, players can reach the Scarecrow Core, Batman Artifact, and various other prizes. While in addition to the Field Boss, “The Riddler” offers interesting content besides hunting, in the form of missions such as quizzes. By completing the mission, players can reach The Riddler Core, Demonic Soulstone, and various other attractive prizes.

New content “Artifact” is a system that can strengthen character CP, the Artifact itself can be strengthened through Limit Breaks up to level 7, when the Artifact set is installed, players will get additional CP and also Set Effect. The licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC is the second collaboration in Lineage 2 Revolution, following the success of the first collaboration with the mobile RPG “Monster Strike” in July 2018.

The DC Batman update itself has been released in November, while the update to the Batman World Boss special theme has been released today. Ready to face Scarecrow & The Riddler?

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

Annette became one of the most awaited heroes of her arrival at the Arena of Valor, including the baratayudha server in Indonesia, after being “postponed” with the passion of other heroes Elsu and Richter who unexpectedly came first in Garena AOV Indonesia.

Again Annette’s arrival felt delayed even though she was in front of eyes, why? because you can only get Annette by buying / top-up through the Codex Xeniel feature

Indeed, not necessarily in the future Annette will be able to be bought through Gold ingame or not, only Annette seems exclusive compared to other heroes because it can only be obtained through purchases as we mentioned above, of course, for Free players, they can just gawk and wait for the hero this can be bought with regular gold in the future, it’s “the one who pays to play” while “the one that is free to watch first”.

before this indeed Garena AOV Indonesia had released Hero-Hero that can be obtained normally (purchase with gold) or for free by participating in existing events, such as Elsu, Y’bneth and Richter which were recently being the topic of conversation in all players Arena of Valor.

There are many bonus prizes after buying the Xeniel Codex, but is it feasible? What if you only want the Annette hero without needing a gift from the purchase package? Indeed, there is an Ormar Cristmast skin that is worth Ruby, but it does not feel in vain, especially if you are not an Ormar or Wukong Player, even though there is an exclusive Wukong skin if you don’t have the hero and can’t use it because you don’t feel it drain.

Unique Features In Red Dead Redemption

Unique Features In Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2, which was released a few weeks ago, is indeed extraordinary. When first released, this game immediately became a hot topic in various game forums, you know. It is already natural considering the quality offered by this game is indeed not halfway.

Instead of providing linear gameplay like most open world games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually able to give us a lot of things from the side of the gameplay from the heavy to the trivial.

The level of detail of the gameplay is the strength of this game. Even some gamers consider Red Dead Redemption 2 as a simulation game guys. Come on without further ado we just discussed the most important gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Just like The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 includes a gameplay that is quite unique which can be long hair and beard. To be able to make it grow faster, you can use hair tonic and that is in accordance with what is happening in the real world.

This method is said to make your hair and beard length accelerate. Understandably, if Arthur’s hair is short, then you won’t be able to make Arthur’s hair look like a model. But if it’s long, you can do anything with the hair.

Killing can have major consequences on your trip. In addition to drained money to pay for bounties, killing also makes your heads valued wherever you are. One more thing, don’t assume that AI in this game is stupid or not.

There is one sadistic way that can make you run away from the target of people’s anger because it has been proven to have carried out murder. The trick is to give the body of the person you killed to a pig.

Later the pig will eat the corpse so that your trail of murder will not be discovered. Sounds funny right ?

Super Robot Wars DD Come To Mobile Version !

Super Robot Wars DD Come To Mobile Version !

Finally, the Super Robot Wars series will come with the Super Robot Wars classic style on Smartphones (Android and iOS), namely Super Robot Wars DD.

Didn’t there already be Super Robot Wars X-Omega for Android and iOS? Indeed yes, but it has a different playing style with the classic Super Robot Wars series.

In the video trailer, we have been presented with a play style scene that looks like a classic, that is utilizing strategy and also with very, very classic animation.

Like other series, if there is a new Super Robot Wars game then there will be the latest anime series too, and who debuted in the Super Robot Wars DD game?

We have come to the Valvrave The Liberator series, which has aired and finished its anime since 2013. It really took a long time until finally its first debut with the emergence of the Valvrave I Hito unit in the Super Robot Wars game.

The next series is Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans with a well-known Mobile Suit unit, Gundam Barbatos.

The IBO Gundam series is also said to require quite a long time, because the series has been airing since 2015. So this game will be a good game for you who like Gundam so much !

Two Overpowered And Forgotten Mage Hero In Mobile Legend

Two Overpowered And Forgotten Mage Hero In Mobile Legend

1. Kagura

Kagura the Onmyouji Master is one of the big damage mage heroes but has a high level of difficulty playing. But if you are good at using it, then the enemy will be difficult to defeat you.

Because Kagura has skills that can all provide damage and status to the enemy, moreover if he is paired with a magic geared item, the tank hero will be overwhelmed by it!

Remember that Kagura is the core of a combination of hero mages here, he will fill the mid lane position and as quickly as possible to quickly level up to dominate the map.

2. Alice

This is the old mage hero who is now getting stronger after getting the revamp from Moonton. Currently Alice is one of the many mage hero Mobile Legends that can be used under any circumstances.

You can use Alice as a Crowd Control hero or it can be a damage dealer who has the most painful magic damage area after Kagura and Odette.

In this Hero Legacy Mobile Legends combination, Alice can you position in the lower lane with one or two other mage heroes. In this hero combination, you have to make Alice fast full item and level up.

Best Tank Item In Dota 2

Best Tank Item In Dota 2

For those of you who are still newbie in playing the DOTA 2 game, you need to know the best item that must be owned by a tanker hero. This item will help you survive the opponent’s attack. what are the items?

The first item is Heart of Tarasque. This item gives a very large boosting of HP and STR. In addition, this item will also add tremendous regeneration capabilities when you are out of battle. This item has a fairly expensive price, so this item is more suitable to buy when mid game or late game.

For early games, the most useful item is Vanguard. This item has a function to block an opponent’s attack. This item is very effective in the early game. If you have entered mid or late game, you can upgrade to Crimson Guard.

The next item you can buy is Assault Cuirass. This item provides immense boosting armor for its users. In addition, this item also provides a very high attack speed. Same is the case with Heart of Tarasque, because this item is expensive, so this item is more suitable to buy when mid game or late game.

Next is Shiva Guard. Similar to Assault Cuirass, it’s just that this item has a slow effect on opponents around the user. In addition this item has the ability “Artic Field”, which is an ice area that will give magic damage to opponents who are in the area.

Global Version of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Finally Released!

Global Version of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Finally Released!

After being successful with the Chinese version, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love finally released its global version which is certainly more exciting and friendlier to players outside of China.

If in the past the player will find it difficult with the Chinese language in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, for the global version, the language used is English so that it is easier for players to understand.

But it needs to be noted, for the global version that has just been released, the content inside is still lagging behind the Chinese version. Actually, this is a natural thing, because the developer certainly wants to develop the game slowly and does not want to be too hasty.

Just 3 days from the time of release, this game has been ranked first in the most downloads in the Play Store and also in the App Store worldwide. This proves that the existence of the legendary Ragnarok game remains strong today.

In this global version, the system carried is still the same as the one in Chinese ROM, the difference is only in the event that runs. Currently the developer is running an interesting event. This event was held to celebrate the opening day of the global version of Ragnarok Eternal Love.

Well, what are you waiting for? Immediately download the game and feel the exciting adventure in the world of Rune Midgard with your friends and defeat all existing bosses! Happy hunting guys!